Amaze World 

Take A Step Into Our World…

In the midst of the subtropical Sunshine Coast hinterland, you’ll find a magical land. An enchanted world bursting with wonder and amazement, brought to life by imagination. It’s here, in this secret garden, where you can find a cheeky forest trickster, who likes nothing more than puzzling anyone who happens to wander into his world.

While you solve the puzzles, riddles, tricks and twists you come across on your adventure, find comfort in knowing if there’s one place in the world you want to get lost, it’s here in the magical Amaze World.

Bellingham Hedge Maze - Have you got what it takes to find your way through a twisting, turning, living labyrinth of Lilly Pillys?

Augmented Reality - Take a trip to Mazey’s ‘appy” place – a magical land of enchantment where fairies, trolls, unicorns and dragons roam the enchanted forest.

Mazey's Mini Golf- Can you get a hole in one? Line up the ball on the 18 hole mini golf course to see who takes home the trophy.

Nature Playground & Water Play -Go crazy with Mazey in his brand new playground and water play area!

Timber Maze - No living hedges here, just endless wooden walls that look the same - find the 8x dead ends to help you solve our scrabble quiz. Take on the timber for ultimate bragging rights.

Other Mazes & Puzzles - The new floor puzzles will keep you guessing for hours, and our 'Get it Right' Maze has you entering on the right and exiting on the left while only being allowed to turn right. Beat the clock or your friends as you wind and weave through the Rope Maze. Easy to play, not so easy to win! 

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